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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dead Tired

Back after 2 classes at AMK Fitness First! Did BodyPump and BodyCombat. Very tiring but i enjoyed because of the instructor. The best class i enjoyed so far is Eve's class with Kelvin last week at Milenia Walk, also did back-to-back classes of Pump and Combat, she's very motivating and comical plus i think the class did all workouts in sync! So that's why i really enjoyed!

For Body Pump, 2nd time that i increased the weights to 2.5kg per side. Arms still shiver when i do the triceps and shoulder extensions but getting less and less shiong. Also the half squats are getting better and my most hate-the lunges, argh, makes my legs really burn! Actually, how much you can tahan also depends on the song, hehe thats for me la. Sometimes hearing the song, makes me wanna push myself more! So Chiong ar!!

For Body Combat, the 1st 3 songs were the usual but he completely used new songs for the rest of the time. I miss the fallout boy song where there were ginga moves, Girlfriend song by Avril and of cos the funky "Behind the cow" by Scooter.

I've been on 3 days of MC because i had my wisdom tooth taken out! The dentist took like 1 hour to drill n cut open, the drilling sounds were terrible and during it, she also tried to use this scraper equipment to break my tooth, i can even feel my tooth broke! She used so much strength that the equipment cut my side lips. But thankfully, the whole op wasn't as painful as i thought it was. Thanks to the LA, before the op began, she injected once, during the op, she injected again! At the end of the op, the dentist said this is one of the hardest op of wisdom tooth she has done! When i got home, i couldn't even eat solid food and ate like a bird, just put the food in mouth n swallow kind. Next wed, i need to go back to take out the stitches and make appt for other wisdom teeth needed to be taken out.

One more day of rest and Back to work on Monday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Counting down to the magical day

DaisypathWedding Ticker

Friday, August 10, 2007

What songs should i use for Wedding?

Maybe it's kind of early to choose what songs for the walk-in, the montage of our younger days but i'm searching for the right songs. In the meantime, Kelvin has embarked on the slideshow montage of our younger days right up till current times. He wants to personally do it and i have faith that with his creative talents, he certainly will do a great photo montage. I had sneak previews of what he has done so far and i'm impressed! It certainly adds a personal touch and brings back memories that we had!

Songs..i prefer the oldies..right now, i'm trying to find The Stylistics album. I went to Cash Converters to search but looking at the multitude of CD albums, it really puts me off looking for it. I saw PJ & Duncan albums "Eternal Love", when you're hot, you're really hot, to think that their album once reached #1 in the UK charts with their famous song titled "Eternal Love". I recalled hearing it soo many times in secondary 2 until so scared of the song, "cliche". Anyway, its soo hard to find The Stylistics album, urgh! HMV don't have. Their songs has that soul groove in it. Here are the lyrics to one of their songs titled "Sing Baby Sing"

Sing Baby sing
The world is getting better
It's somethin' else since we're together.
Let's have a ball
let's do it all and sing.
Ain't we got it made
(Sing Baby sing)
Ain't we got it made
(Sing Baby sing)

Dance Baby dance
And let the sun shine on us
There ain't a blessed thing to stop us
Let's live it up fill up the cup and dance.
Ain't we got it made
. . .

Ain't we got it made
Our love song has no end.
We're not only lovers we are friends
So cry Baby cry our Wedding bells are ringing
And while the happy choir is singin'
This girl and boy thru tears of joy will sing.
Ain't we got it made

I think can use for the Wedding right? Somewhere in the song, it mentions about wedding, choir, boy and girl, tears of joy, got it made. It's a happy, jumpy song..
Need to discuss with Kelvin.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Beijing, China 2007, loooong awaited post

I'm part of a newsletter committee for my co. and we have this part of the newsletter which features travel stories contributed by employees. So for this month, it was my turn to contribute (no one volunteered so i was thinking, might as well contribute once so they'll not ask me again). But the write-up in the newsletter was really edited and this is the full-length version.


When one thinks of visiting China for the first time, the most obvious choice would be to make a trip to historical yet modern Beijing, where one can see and experience the very reasons why China was a great country in the past, with all of its glorious splendour and colour and how the country is changing with modernity.

Who can honestly say that they are not curious about The Great Wall Of China, how it was built and declare to the whole world that they have climbed it? Who can not wonder how grand The Forbidden Palace is, its vastness and how the all powerful, gold and yellow clad Emperors lived in his lavish abode? Who can imagine the enormous distances that royalty, military and peasants alike have to clear when travelling between towns, cities, palaces, gardens, burial grounds etc? A journey to Beijing will open your eyes to how the Chinese lived and played from the times gone by till today.

I made a 6 day trip with my loved ones to China, visiting all the aforementioned places and more. What we saw and experienced really provided a rich experience that will last forever, etched in our minds. Sadly, I shall have to be selective in my recollection, albeit reluctantly, as there will be too much to write about, too many memories to reminisce and too abundantly colourful a tale to tell that can fit the size of this page. The complexity, beauty and historical information of each site are so overwhelming that I all I can share is my feelings and thoughts. Mr Google and Ms Wikipedia will be able to tell you so much more if you need in-depth information.

Our itinerary brought us to a special place each day. On the first day, we were brought to see the Summer Palace in the Northwest of Beijing, the imperial gardens where the hills, Kunming lake and the blue sky (I am sure it would had been blue if there was no haze present due to the massive pollution problem facing most of the Chinese cities) blend with the romantic flowers scattered around the pavilions, bridges, terraces, temples and corridors. My most vivid memories of this place belong to the Marble Boat and the Long Corridor, both of which are the results of artistic creativity. Artworks of ancient fables line the whole length of the Long Corridor that spans 2400 feet or about 730 metres. It was quite a good walk but due to time constraints, we were unable to cover the whole attraction. We then adjourned for a feast for the mind and the eyes, the Shaolin Kungfu Show.

Free Image Hosting at
-The tranquility of the river-

Free Image Hosting at
-In the morning-

The Shaolin Kungfu Show is one that no visitor to Beijing should miss, that is unless you are adverse to watching kids somersaulting on their heads, adults trying to go one up on the kids by smashing metal bars on their heads and adults trying to imitate animals by jumping, sliding and flinging themselves around (something no one should try unless you really are Shaolin trained, otherwise you may end up looking quite weird). The very same adults also take pleasure in showing us mere mortals that they have invulnerable body parts that are thicker than a crocodile’s skin. Blades? Knives? Poles? Our fears, their toys. I rest my case. The beauty about this show is that it manages to blend martial arts, ballet and a tight reasonable story together. You will not be bored!

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-Inside the theatre waiting for the show to start-

The following day, we visited the infamous Tiananmen Square. Standing on the very grounds of controversy that shook the world gave us a feeling of historical significance running through our bones. We gazed upon each and every building surrounding the square, one of which even has a Beijing Olympics 2008 countdown clock attached to it, while Chairman Mao gazed upon each and every one of us from his portrait. It was told to us that this painting was repainted every September to maintain its freshness. You can imagine the number of people shooting photographs and videos all around us in this location. People were like an army of ants all over the sprawling area! But even with such a crowd, the place didn’t feel congested because of its size. Since the Forbidden Palace was already beckoning to us in the background, we headed straight for it after taking our souvenir shots.

Free Image Hosting at

-Walking to Tiananmen Sq-

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Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Step by step, we entered into the most glorious part of China! Hundreds of years ago, if you even wanted to see the place, you would not even had a chance to set your eyes on it. Today, it is yours to explore and understand. Wish to cast a glimpse of how Emperors and Empresses lived? Curious as to how they managed the country from the walls of the palace? Intrigued by how the Emperor manages his harem? All your questions will be answered. Rooms after rooms, gardens after gardens, each with its own significance and purposes, the Forbidden Palace will never have an equal in the world in terms of grandiosity. A treasury room also exists where authentic precious artifacts, jewelleries, adornments and decorative items can be viewed . After strolling through the palace and learning about the imperial lifestyle, we then headed for Beihai Park for a nice short little scenic walk along a beautiful lake before we ended our tour for the day and did a little bit of shopping at night.

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On the 3rd day, after a few hours drive into the country side on the north-western part of Beijing, we were all pumped up with childlike enthusiasm on what we were to see today. Scanning our eyes left and right on the rolling landscape dotted with trees and shrubs, we were all eagerly scanning for a glimpse of an ancient marvel. At the very moment when we first cast our eyes on the grey layered bricks of one of the greatest wonders of the world, we could not take our eyes away from them. Snaking through the scenic landscape, up and down the hills and mountains, we gazed at The Great Wall with momentous emotions. After the bus has stopped, we were all going to touch, smell and climb a piece of history! That we did with fantastic energy and relish! The excitement that everyone present, including Chinese from other parts of China and many other foreign tourists from all parts of the world, was phenomenal. Perhaps the Wall was also Great in other ways because it brought all races and cultures together on a solid foundation with a common purpose peacefully. Something all world leaders should aim for!

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As with other tour packages, we were also brought to various shops selling all kinds of ‘precious’ and ‘valuable’ commodities that were to be sold to us at ‘great value’ such as jade, tea, silk, ‘lucky’ figurines, Chinese medicine and so on. Although they may seem like a waste of time, these little side ‘commission-earning’ trips for the tour guide were quite informative at times too! It all depends on how you look at it. But just remember that if it’s too good to be true, its not!

Spending 6 days of my life in Beijing was a good investment. Through my experiences, I now have a better understanding of how our Chinese ancestors toiled, worked, played and lived. Having walked the very grounds that the Emperors, Empresses, Princes, Princesses, Court Officials and common people travelled on and having witnessed the marvellous scenery scattered throughout the Central Plains, I have newfound admiration and respect for the Chinese culture. There really is so much more to discover in this huge country and you can be sure that I will continue to visit China in the future. There just is no other place like China in the world!


We did actually visit Chengde too. Its about 4-5 hours ride from Beijing. The guide told us in ancient times, the Emperor goes to Chengde for his hunting trips and to hide away from the bitter cold weather in Beijing during winter time.

There are sooo many pictures..I will post them up in my next post. I'm gonna get some sleep and its such a rare time to be at my home on a Sunday afternoon. Usually, when Kelvin is out of town, i will run back home and slack. So damm sian, tomorrow is a start of a new work week again! Urgh!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Long Tresses no more!

I did the unexpected! i chopped off my bra length hair and now its slightly above shoulder! I recalled it was way back in secondary school that i last sported this length! I went to Heatwave Salon at Marina Sq to cut, hairdresser was Wini, I told her i was sick of my long hair and that maybe in 2 months time i will rebond again. She suggested that i cut short and that it would suit me. I was kinda skeptical but i thought oh well just give it a try! hehe, it turned out quite ok actually! My colleagues said it was a refreshing look and i look younger! haha! But Kelvin still prefers me with long hair though...

But i think i better not cut my hair liao so as to let the hair grow longer for the wedding next year. Oh yea, the date has been fixed and its 8 March 2008 (Saturday). So keep it free! The exchange of vows will be at St Vincent De Paul Church at 11am, Priest is Father Michael Sitaram. The banquet venue would very likely be Swissotel the Stamford (Stamford Ballroom).

Last week, me and Kelvin went to meet up with Swissotel and he showed us the Ballroom and it was decorated beautifully as there was a wedding dinner that night. It was really pretty. Next, we went to the 65th floor bridal suite and OMG, the view is amazing! the Singapore river! the room was also very pretty!! The 65th floor also had a gym and a lounge where finger food is served all day. The bed also looked very cozy and i was really impressed! Gonna fix an appointment to confirm and pay deposit liao! haha!

Gonna go Beijing on 9 Apr for a holiday with Kelvin and his parents. It will be a one week tour and will visit Chengde and Tianjin. Can't wait to climb the Great Wall! Now i'm looking around for thick jackets coz in Apr the weather there will be chilly. I saw a jacket at Mango and its $99! Thinking twice liao since this month's expenditure is super huge for me. 1st is LCD monitor - $369, Panasonic FX30 - $470 and Longchamp bag $195. Must control!

Alright hope this week past fast. ISO Audit this week. Eeks. Hope it goes well.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blue Blue Monday

Back to the 5 day working week again. Super sian!
The following song lyrics are meaningful - By Diana Ross

I remember when
I was five and you were ten, boy
You knew that I was shy
So you teased and made me cry
But I loved you

Then one day you came
You told me you were leaving
You gave your folks the blame
And made me cry again
When you said

Little girl
Please don't wait for me
Wait patiently for love
Someday will surely come
Ooh, little girl
Please don't wait for me
Wait patiently for love
Someday will surely come
And I'm still waiting

I'm waiting
Ooh, still waiting
I'm just a fool
Ooh, I'm a fool
To keep waiting

Then someone finally came
He told me that he loved me
I put him off with lies
He could see I had no eyes
So he left me once again alone
Like a child without her playmate
I had to face the truth
I was still in love with you
But you said:

Little girl
Please don't wait for me
Wait patiently for love
Someday will surely come
Ooh, little girl
Please don't wait for me
Wait patiently for love
Someday will surely come
And I'm still waiting

Love has never shown his face
Since the day you walked out that door
You filled my life with empty space
Come back
Can't you see it's you I'm waiting for

Don't you know I'm waiting
I'm waiting for love
For you, I miss you
I'm waiting
Come on back, boy
I need you
I want you
That's what my friends says


Off to bed now. Need to prep for the battle tomorrow.
Office politics suck. I wish i can just strangle her! Urgh!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Start of 2007 - Sick!

I spent the end of 2006 sick - Had stomach flu, fever, stomachache and all and the beginning of 2007 - i went to bed early coz of the medicine...was quite bad as my fever was 38.6 degrees and the total cost of seeing the doctor was $55 (ouch!) damm ex la...

hehheh, 1st time He went to the doc with me. The clinic we went to was just at his house downstairs and it was a 24 hours one so that explains why the high charges and i only get to claim $20 from my co. But hey, the doctor was a young one and not bad looking too!

So basically, as he was away in Perth for 1st & 2nd Jan, i stayed at home and rested. Went to airport just now to fetch him and he sent me back. He bought for me my fave Greek Salad but i couldn't ate much as my stomach was still not too good. He also bought apple strudel!! yummy yummy Corica ones!!

Back to work tomorrow and i have a new senior!! Can't wait to work with her and i know she'll guide me and be my elder sister!

I'll be going to Bangkok from the 27 Jan - 31 Jan. With the recent bombs at BKK, i'm alittle apprehensive about going. Hopefully by the time that i'm going, all would have cooled down already. Sigh!